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I have been operated for Pterygium surgery with conjunctival autograft by Dr Lalita Kumari and i am very happy and satisfied with the outcome of the surgery.

Amit Kumar

Divya Drishti Eye Clinic is providing nice facilities to the patients in ophthalmic field at very affordable cost. I had a great experience.

Neeraj Dahiya

My surgery for cataract in both the eyes have been carried out by Dr. lalita. I experienced significant improvement in my vision so i express my gratitude.

Ankit Jain

My both parents have been operated by Dr Lalita Kumari for cataract. after Phaco surgery my parents are extremely happy to see the world again with their normal vision. In my opinion Dr Lalita is a great Phaco surgeon.

Nishant Baranwal

Everything is fantastic in Divya Drishti Eye Clinic. The care they give the treatment procedures They adopt are really Modern and in real terms the Divya Drishti Eye Clinic is serving the society.

Gyanesh Thakur

My child was having poor vision in both eyes. He used to complain of headache on regular basis during study. I took him to Divya Drishti Eye clinic for checkup. there I came to know that even his corrected vision with spectacle was not normal. Then Dr Lalita started for my son amblyopia treatment. After two weeks of treatment his vision became normal 6/6. I am very happy with the diagnosis and treatment given there.

Tarun Singh
Palam Vihar, New Delhi