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Best Eye Specialist in Gurgaon

Divya Drishti Eye Clinic is one of the leading eye care center in India, based in Sector 48, Sohna Road, Gurgaon. Patients come from all over the country and from abroad. The centre has the best eye specialist in Gurgaon. We provide regular eye-care services for all common eye diseases. For treatment of childhood eye problems and patients with other eye movement disorders causing visual impairment and childhood blindness, the center has the best child eye specialist in Gurgaon. We offer personalized and individualized care for every patient with complex eye problems who comes to the center. Our aim is to provide early effective treatment to the patients at affordable cost.

Our experts help you in understanding the importance of a cataract surgery before you opt for it. The symptoms will definitely get analyzed before performing the surgery. A surgery will not be suggested with mild symptoms. Some of the symptoms of cataract are blurriness, burning eyes, bloodshot eye, blood in the eye, crusty eyelids, floaters in vision, grittiness, spot on eye, twitching, dark curtain like feeling in the vision, lump on eyelid, limited movement of eyes, night vision problem and reduced vision. After analyzing the symptoms our experts will suggest the need for surgery to be performed. After that, we will help you with tips to prevent the eyes from cataract in the future. There are proper diet and nutrition to be followed both for children and aged people. There are few home remedies which will be suggested by our well- trained professional experts to get rid of cataract in your eyes and to prevent it from getting affected by it after the surgery performance.

It is advised that adults should undergo proper and periodic screening of their eyes to prevent it from cataract and other infections caused in the eyes nowadays. We promise periodic screening for your eyes with proper registration with us. For middle-aged people, say ranging from 40 to 60 years of age will get affected by many eye problems. Before experiencing the symptoms it is always better for them to take the necessary check-ups every now and then to have their vision clear. It is necessary to treat the eye issues in newborn babies as soon as possible. If the child doesn’t gets proper treatment within the first six months of its birth, there is very much possibility the child can face impaired vision problems eventually leading to total blindness. We can understand that your little one sees differently. So we have eye specialists who are well trained in Paediatric eye. Through Paediatric ophthalmology, we concentrate on treating the various eye problems affecting children.

Slit lamp examination

Autoref examination



Applanation tonometry

Nd YAG Laser


Direct and Indirect ophthalmoscopy

child eye specialist in Gurgaon
best eye specialist in Gurgaon
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